Internet Archive Top 100 List

Internet Archive logoThe Internet Archive is an amazing resource with thousands of freely available videos. I wanted to help moderate some of these treasures, so I compiled the Top 100 IA Feature Films list. Every third day, I embedded a title that isn’t just pretty good for a free movie, it’s just plain good.

For this list, I confined myself to items in the IA Feature Films collection that were scripted, full-length, spoken English-language films. I’m already compiling lists of great silent films and documentaries, and I’ll run those after the Top 100 is complete.

The rankings are strongly informed by IMDB user ratings but also include consideration from Leonard Maltin’s ratings and a few nudges from me. When you disagree, please leave a comment with some reasons why.

This list, this site and I have no official connection to the Internet Archive. Except perhaps that I also donate money to it regularly. I support the Archive and you should too.
Cartoon of a giant hand grabbing Gabby

Cartoon Mr. Wonderbird, rocking small birds in a cage

Swarthy men playing cards at a table

Shirley Temple hugging her on-screen dad

Leslie Howard as ‘Pimpernel’ Smith

Three men at an old diner

Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour, and Bing Crosby

Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour

Man at a doctor's office

Leslie Howard as the Scarlet Pimpernel