IA #11: (No Longer Available)

The film at Number 11 on the Internet Archive Top 100 that I finished a few months ago was My Darling Clementine (see trailer above). When it came time to embed the movie in this post, I discovered that it has been removed from the Archive, probably because it isn’t in the public domain. I can’t find a good substitute for so lofty a spot, so let me tell you a story.

When I first began compiling this list from the Archive’s Feature Films collection, I saw that the set included a treasure trove of great English-language movies with Portuguese subtitles. The trouble was that many of them, though hidden by their translated Portuguese titles, were clearly not in the public domain; any spotlight on them would probably get them noticed and removed. I disqualified them from consideration.

Movies can leave the public domain. I’ve still got a copy of And Then There Were None (1945) that was PD when I downloaded it from the Archive but was later withdrawn from the PD. I’m using this spot in the list to commemorate and suggest the many feature films that come and go. So you can still watch a full movie, I’ve embedded one of those Portuguese specials. Please excuse me if I don’t mention its title. Enjoy it, if that’s legal, while you can.

 Touch of Evil (1958) on IMDb