IA #53: The Stranger (1946)

 The Stranger (1946) on IMDb

The Stranger is just dripping with star power. Directed by and starring Orson Welles, it follows Edward G. Robinson as a war crimes investigator tracking down a high-ranking Nazi fugitive to an idyllic town in Connecticut where Loretta Young lives. It’s a film noir that captures the mood immediately after World War II, and it’s a fine addition to the Internet Archive Top 10.

“No one who worked on the film can remember any special anecdotes or problems concerning it,” wrote biographer Frank Brady. “Welles has said, since the making of The Stranger—which he completed one day before schedule and under budget—that nothing in the film was his, this despite the fact that the unmistakable Wellesian moods, shadows, acute angles, and depth-of-focus shots are pervasive.” Welles’ first film in four years was the only one he ever directed to have been a bona fide box office success upon its release.