IA #42: The People v. Leo Frank (2009)

 The People v. Leo Frank (2009) on IMDb

In a way, I’m taking a break here to point out a category of movie that otherwise isn’t represented in this Internet Archive Top 100 list. To qualify, a film needs at least 100 IMDb voters, no matter how good it is. Here is the exception to that rule; you can see that despite its high rating, there are still fewer votes than that by the time you read this.

The People v. Leo Frank, which aired on PBS just a few years ago, is the story of a Jewish factory superintendent put on trial for the murder of a young female employee. The trial and its aftermath exposed the thread of antisemitism that underpinned Atlanta society at the time. This is a powerful subject with strong performances, and it’s a good example of the wealth of lesser-reviewed movies in the Internet Archive Feature Films collection.