TitanTV has changed for the better

TitanTV logoTitanTV is better than ever. I was reminded to check out its latest features when I dropped by the TitanTV booth at the NAB Show last week. Not only have those folks added common OTT listings, they also let users share special grids that they created.

First some background. TitanTV has been around a little longer than my flagship site FTAList, and they’ve always allowed users to construct custom TV program grids even with broadcast channels of different markets. That’s why from the beginning, FTAList included TitanTV channel codes whenever possible, so users could make individualized grids that matched however their free-to-air satellite receiver was set up.

That kind of flexibility even helps with local channels. Suppose that a new digital sub-channel pops up in your town. While you wait for the listing services to notice the addition, you can add an out-of-town affiliate for that sub-channel network in the matching position for your local grid. A week or two later, when you see two of them, you can delete the out-of-towner.

At previous NAB Shows, I asked TitanTV to let me create a read-only grid, so I could stack every FTA satellite channel on FTAList (at least all the channels with program data) and let site visitors see what’s available. Last week marked the first time that anyone there was receptive to the idea, and it’s also the first time that it might not be necessary. TitanTV recently added a feature to send other TitanTV users a code to access the sender’s custom program grid. Now if I create my own FTA grid, I can list that code so visitors can see what I see with a minimum of effort.

TitanTV still isn’t perfect. Although they provide a default grid for Sling TV, for example, they’ve accidentally included Luken TV’s The Family Channel instead of Freeform, which had formerly gone by the names ABC Family, Fox Family, The Family Channel, The CBN Family Channel, and the Christian Broadcasting Network Satellite Service. That default Sling grid also includes a couple of Local Programming slots, probably placeholders for the channels they don’t cover, such as Polaris, Maker, and Newsy. Anyway, thanks to the grid sharing feature, if you want to see how Sling looks on my DVR+, with Hollywood Extra, Kids Extra, and the west feeds of the Disney channels, you can copy and paste the code:
into your TitanTV account’s channel lineups.

Whether you’re a cord-cutter, a free-to-air satellite buff, or even just a typical pay-TV subscriber, I continue to recommend TitanTV for the perfect customizable view of your viewing choices.