Disney XD gives me different feeds on different devices

Disney XD logoHere’s a weird one for you. With my Sling TV subscription, when I tune in to Disney XD on my phone, I see the east coast feed. But if I want to watch Disney XD in the Sling TV app on my Roku, I get the west coast feed. The folks I’ve talked to in Sling’s support department don’t know why.

It all started with Southwest Airlines. I’ve been flying them a lot lately, and one of their perks is free in-flight TV entertainment. That gave me the chance to check out a few episodes of Gravity Falls, a show I’d heard great things about. Sure enough, I fell under its spell and wanted to catch up on all the episodes I missed. One of the things* I love about Sling TV is the ease of adding small channel packages, and a few clicks and $5/month later, I had added Kids Extra, including Disney XD, exclusive home of Gravity Falls.

Back at home a few days later, I saw on the Sling app on my phone that a Gravity Falls episode was about to start. I gathered the family around, fired up the Sling app on my Roku and saw … something completely different. With a bit of research, I figured out that I was getting the east coast version on my phone (and my iPad, and my Android tablet, and my Windows app) but the west coast version on my Roku (and my ChannelMaster DVR+).

The last I heard from the eager support folks at Sling was that (a) they had not previously noticed this problem, and (b) it must originate with Disney. I imagine it’s possible that Disney gets confused about us scattered Mountain Time subscribers, but it seems more likely that somehow the internet device feed is in a different office than the connected TV feed, and that no one there noticed they chose different coasts. Anybody out there have a better explanation?

* The FTC wants me to remind you that I own a laughably small chunk of Dish stock. That’s another reason to like Sling TV.