Bad Omen: Google Can’t Handle Rain At CES

By all accounts, Google’s presence at this year’s CES is huge, with branding on the monorail, a 30-foot gumball machine, and a large tent in front of the convention center. The goal is to promote Google Assistant as an alternative to Amazon’s Alexa. But today it’s raining in Las Vegas, which really does happen now and then, and the Google tent can’t handle it. Frederic Lardinois of TechCrunch wrote, “For now, the booth is closed, with tarps covering the roof and all of the electronics inside and out.” Not auspicious.

The silver lining to this rainstorm, for me anyway, is that Las Vegas never looks better than it does after a rain. With all the dust and crud knocked out of the air, the views of the distant desert mountains are really sharp. I plan to check that out in person tomorrow.