The Gorilla Channel And CES

Pluto TV just added The Gorilla Channel to its lineup. Just in case you know someone who was looking for it.

Since I can’t add anything to that, I’ll turn my attention to CES, which had its Press Day today. For all you readers who weren’t there and have never attended this day-before ritual, check out some fresh video here. (CES posted this “B-roll” mainly for TV stations to use as background while local announcers remind viewers that it’s CES Eve, but I don’t see any reason why you can’t watch it too.)

The video accurately shows several examples of the press conferences common to Press Day. Very large companies set up in the Mandalay Bay Events Center’s cavernous ballrooms, which are then packed with reporters. They watch a stage presentation of the latest products that may come to market this year, then they either scurry back to the equally packed press room to write up something or they get in a very long line for the next press conference a few doors down. This provides helpful fodder for the Wireds and TechCrunches of the world, but it rarely addresses the needs of you, dear reader, who come here to learn more about the latest content on TV and video and occasionally new ways of watching it.

This year will be my 12th consecutive CES visit. I’ll be posting notes about it all this week, but I’m otherwise skipping Press Day.