Sling Has Stopped Working On DVR+

Sling TV logoAt least someone believes “soon” means in about five weeks. Sling TV stopped working on Channel Master’s DVR+ around midday yesterday. As I described last month, Sling had sent out an email to subscribers on December 14 advising that “Soon, Sling TV will no longer be supported on Channel Master.” Now on the DVR+, the Sling channel still displays appropriate channel information, but any attempt to stream content fails.

Last week at CES, I had the opportunity to ask Channel Master executive vice president Joe Bingochea about Sling’s announcement. He said that it was a technical issue – Sling was changing how it streamed – and of course it wouldn’t be an issue with his company’s Stream+ Android TV receiver, currently available for pre-order.

That original Sling email promised a $10 credit for the “inconvenience,” and sure enough, it was applied on my billing cycle that began Jan. 13. The service continues to perform normally on its other devices here, including my Air TV Player, just as it did yesterday morning on my DVR+. As with so many things, it was fun while it lasted.