TBD Diginet Pitches To Disconnected Internet Lovers

TBD logoIt’s been four weeks, but I just now noticed a new diginet broadcasting over the air to FreeTVBlog World Headquarters in Denver. I usually spot them sooner than that; I blame the holidays. The new guy is TBD (its actual name, not something to be determined), a Sinclair-owned channel providing “TV for People Who Love the Internet”.

TBD is trying to attract millennials, offering mostly curated clips and shows from the internet. On broadcast TV. In between ads for baldness treatments, among other things.

Is there any chance I can trademark the phrase “I don’t get it”? Folks who truly love the internet can, y’know, surf around and see an infinite variety of content on demand. Or they can tune in to TBD and watch externally chosen, dated internet-based clips after hearing about reverse mortgages. Who is in TBD’s audience? Sad teenagers with no data plan? Twenty-somethings who can’t get the internet in their apartments? Kids with parents who won’t let them use computers but will let them watch TV?

With Sinclair’s backing, this channel will last as long as they want it to. Considering my First Rule of Programming (Regardless of its original niche, every channel will become like every other channel), at least there’s hope for the future.