Channel Master Dumps Rovi?

Logo showing DVR+ Firmware Update 135RLooks like I found something else that Channel Master was working on. Minutes after I posted my belated recognition that the company was coming out with another receiver, it posted a tweet about its old receiver, the DVR+:

New Firmware 135R has been sent to DVR+ units. This important update is required in order to continue receiving the 14-Day guide data. Your guide data has been migrated to a new CM-owned server (yay!) 2-day PSIP guide data is not affected.

That old guide data was provided by Rovi, which used to supply it to a lot of companies. Then in 2016, Rovi bought TiVo, which makes a direct competitor to the DVR+. After the firmware update, that name is gone from my receiver’s listings.

Maybe it’s all my fault. I asked Channel Master in mid-September to fix the listings for one of my local channels. After a short flurry of information gathering, the support staff wrote, “We will address this ASAP and will email you when Rovi confirms it has made a change.” Then silence for six weeks. Around the first of this month, I got an odd email from them that said, “I’m sorry that we were unable to resolve your issue this week but will ASAP.” I’d say the move has been in the works at least that long.

Here’s hoping that the new listing service will work even better than Rovi’s, and that it’ll mark the start of a new wave of refurbished functionality for the DVR+.