TiVo preps a compact OTA DVR

TiVo's Mantis receiver prototype

A blurry photo of the Mantis from the FCC report

This latest news comes from the invaluable site Zatz Not Funny: the FCC has approved TiVo’s application for a new over-the-air TV DVR called the Mantis. Zatz has a great diagram showing just four inputs: power, antenna, USB and Ethernet, and he says it’s just 5 inches square and an inch and a half deep. That matches the blurry corner of a photo from the report to the FCC about how interference testing was performed.

A box that size sounds a lot different than the TiVo Roamio OTA or its Bolt which includes OTA. It sounds just like a SimpleTV without a TV output jack, or a Tablo without a second USB port, or a slightly larger HDHomeRun. And it can sit on its side.

Zatz quotes a TiVo Community thread where the company says it’s planning to “break the trajectory of traditional DVR” around the time of the January 2017 CES. Just one more reason to drop by the show and see what’s new.