Oops! FTABlog lost some graphics

Classic train wreck photoFor reasons that are too involved, embarrassing, and tedious to explain, a lot of the graphics from the old FTABlog have gone missing. The blog theme decorations and layout were also affected. The good news is that the content, those letters and spaces that often make sense, managed to survive.

If you’ll recall, FTABlog.com was the home of this blog before the beginning of the year. The name FreeTVBlog explains the purpose and coverage here in a way that non-insiders can readily understand, so I switched to this domain when it became available. I posted a friendly note to explain where to find the latest in free (as in speech) TV news, and just expected that my visitors would make the jump with me.

Thanks to Google Analytics, I learned that as the months rolled by, some web surfers continued to show up at FTABlog. This worried me. Did they gloss over the note with the forwarding address? Were they disappointed that there wasn’t any new content on the old site? So I thought I would help them by adding an auto-forwarding page to the FTABlog front door. That sort of worked, but the result somehow locked away all of my old posts and permanently blew away all of the graphics. You know, I don’t think I read the procedure manual right.

Thanks to the patient assistance of HostGator tech support, I restored everything but the original layout and graphics. Mostly as a test of concept, I pulled a couple of the last graphics from the Internet Archive‘s Wayback Machine, so if there’s something you really want to see, it’s possibly restorable. Finally, I grabbed all the graphics from FTABlog’s previous host before I moved it years ago.

So that’s my mea culpa. Now I’ve got to go off and run backups for the next time I accidentally run the train through the station wall.