KlowdTV suspends services, closes down

KlowdTV error message

Update: The other shoe dropped. I just received KlowdTV’s promised email to subscribers, now former subscribers. The email began “It is with much regret that we inform you that we are permanently closing our doors.”

There weren’t any specifics about why KlowdTV had to shut down so suddenly in the middle of the month.  Maybe they couldn’t make payroll? It had something to do with money; the note included “we have been unable to raise the required capital to continue operating and expanding the platform. … We apologize for the short notice, and for failing to keep the platform going.”

So long, KlowdTV. You will be missed.

Previously: KlowdTV, a plucky company that was pioneering super-skinny streaming TV bundles, has suspended all services indefinitely. That announcement was buried in KlowdTV’s program grid page, visible only to subscribers. For non-subscribers, the only indication pops up on a sign-up attempt. The note reads “Our apologies. We are not accepting new subscribers at this time.”

Of course, for subscribers who watch KlowdTV through its streaming app on Roku, Android or Apple, the streams simply stopped working. Only on the WatchMyKlowd web page was the message “Our apologies. All services have been suspended indefinitely. Your account has been set to deactivate at the end of your current billing period. Please check your email address (the email used when signing up) for an email containing additional information.”

I’m disappointed by the loss of KlowdTV, and I’m also disappointed at how it happened. Just two months ago, I was praising KlowdTV CEO Bill O’Hara for staying proactive in handling the loss of the beIN Sports channel. Oh well. When I hear anything more about what went down, I’ll let you know. Meanwhile, many of KlowdTV’s streaming channels area available on FilmOn‘s $15/month premium package. Too bad there’s no one left to offer us KlowdTV’s skinny choices.