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© DepositPhotos / gustavofrazao

© DepositPhotos / gustavofrazao

For years, I’ve been writing here at FTABlog, and my worst problem has always been explaining what the heck “FTA” means. For every person who recognized that I was talking about free and legal satellite TV reception, there were two who figured it was some pirate thing and 20 more who had no clue. Maybe that was okay when the blog was devoted solely to FTA stuff, but not so much as over-the-air and internet-based TV topics took over.

That’s why I was so happy when a much better (in retrospect) domain name became available: Maybe it’s a little too straightforward, but at least nobody’s going to wonder what the heck this blog is about.

Another advantage of the new place is that it gave me a better chance to experiment with a fully responsive WordPress template. FreeTVBlog looks so much better on my smartphone than FTABlog does. Soon, that same change will also roll over, but at this writing, that development work is still underway.

This is my last FTABlog post; the rest will be at the new site. I’ll leave FTABlog in place for a while to make it easy to read the links. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to seeing you again at FreeTVBlog.