What does a love song in harmony really mean?

As we continue the FTABlog summer of 80s music videos, we turn to the early days of MTV and a video that answered one of my nagging questions: When a love song is sung in harmony, by a group, how does that work? I mean, you never hear the lyric “we love you,” but that’s what’s going on, right?

Huey Lewis and the News had been bouncing around the San Francisco Bay Area in one form or another for a decade before they became an overnight success. They took a song written by their former producer “Mutt” Lange, tweaked the lyrics a bit, then shot an innovative video. The whole band sings while under the covers with the target of their love song, Do You Believe In Love. It’s absurd, and it made me nod my head. Yup, that’s what a harmonized love song should look like.

With heavy airplay from MTV, the video was the first of a long string of 80s hits. In a decade full of earnest performances, it was fun to have at least one band that didn’t take itself too seriously.