Nimble TV adds Chicago, juggles lineup

NimbleTV screen shotOur old friend NimbleTV, the streaming TV service that supplies New York City broadcast TV channels and more to its subscribers, has expanded into Chicago. Only active cable-TV subscribers in the Windy City will get the opportunity to subscribe to NimbleTV’s watch-from-anywhere Chicago streams.

“We’re delighted to offer Chicago residents a new way of viewing their TV that’s on their terms,” Anand Subramanian, founder and CEO of NimbleTV, said in a press release. “By allowing them to ‘Nimble-ize’ their cable subscription, customers can change the way they access their TV while also respecting the existing TV ecosystem that pays creators for their content.”

As with the NYC cabler package, the Chicago offering for Comcast subscribers appears to offer mainly the over-the-air broadcast channels and digital sub-channels, along with a collection of little-watched news and shopping channels. NimbleTV forces viewers to validate their cable subscriptions before viewing the OTA channels, which would verify that those viewers are indirectly paying some kind of retransmission consent money to those stations.

NimbleTV is also still offering that collection of mostly news and shopping channels for free to just about anyone, but the lineup has changed since May. Gone are Antenna TV and the movie channel This, ending my speculation that NimbleTV cut a deal with WPIX. Also gone is Al Jazeera, replaced by five other international news channels: Russia Today Documentaries, SkyNews, i24 News, Deutsche Welle, and France 24. Those aren’t as good as Antenna or This, but what do you want for nothing?