Fashion TV back up after outage

Fashion TV logoFTABlog has a long history with Fashion TV, that great channel featuring oddly dressed beautiful people who walk in strange ways across runways. Fashion TV used to be available on FTA satellite, and it has been available on streaming TV through DishWorld and FilmOn. Around midnight Feb. 1, both of those platforms abruptly lost Fashion TV. DishWorld went black for that slot, with a “temporarily unavailable” message. FilmOn replaced it with the Fashion One network, although keeping the Fashion TV logo in its channel list.

If Fashion TV had disappeared on, say January 24, I would have suspected some technical issue, but the timing of this problem made me think that it was based on some kind of dispute. Thanks to a press release (PDF) from SatLink Communications, I think I know what happened. That Feb. 4 release says that SatLink “extended its agreement” to distribute Fashion TV on its C-band satellites. Sure enough, DishWorld resumed carrying Fashion TV the next morning. (FilmOn, ever the rebel, continues to show Fashion One on its “Fashion TV” channel as of this writing.)

And so you have the latest news about Fashion TV. Presumably, it won’t suffer another outage like this one any time soon. Does anyone else actually watch Fashion TV?