Snowy reminder on dish placement

Satellite dish with a bit of snowHere’s another case where I’ve made a mistake so you don’t have to.

Long ago, when I had to move my primary Dish Network dish because of roof work, I “wisely” picked a spot that I could reach with a broom. That way, when the snows returned to Denver every year, I could brush off the dish and keep the signal alive.

So far, that’s a good idea. But the spot I picked is just barely within broom-swinging range. And that means that to brush off the snow, I need to stand directly under the dish as I clear the snow. Yes, so it falls on my head.

Fortunately (?), another round of roof work is likely in 2011, so I’ll get the opportunity to move the dish to a better spot. Or maybe I’ll just go find a longer broom.

Happy New Year, everyone!