FilmOn adds BBC channels, ivi keeps fighting

FilmOn player update dialogJust a couple of quick notes about two streaming TV providers.

* A poster who says he’s Alki David, founder of FilmOn, posted a comment on the most recent blog post here. The poster (I hope it’s David) suggested that part of the reason for FilmOn’s spotty service was an attack on hosting company Reality Check Network. The FilmOn player required an update last week, and the details in that update dialog, shown here, suggest other problems.

But it’s true, now at least something works. The FilmOn player shows a large set of over-the-air channels from Great Britain. A dependable, live source of BBC programming might be worth the subscription price. But FilmOn’s subscription page doesn’t mention them, so I don’t know whether the British channels are here to stay. On the other hand, the adult channels are gone again.

* keeps rolling along. Every now and then, a channel or two is unavailable for a while, but it’s been remarkably stable. Will it survive? Broadcasting & Cable’s John Eggerton reports that ivi has asked a US District Court in New York to refrain from granting a restraining order or preliminary injunction against it. Eggerton writes, “Ivi argues that, quite simply, either would put them out of business.” Instead, ivi wants the case shifted to Seattle, where it had already filed for a declatory ruling that it does not violate copyright.

Ivi Chairman Ron Erickson is quoted as saying that if ivi wins in court, the media companies will turn to Congress to change the law. Which is what I’ve been saying all along. I still wonder how ivi can win that fight, but for now, I’m enjoying the chance to watch.