A great week for FTABlog

fireworksIt’s been a great week for FTABlog! First, it broke the story that another internet startup had begun streaming over-the-air broadcast signals as part of a subscription package. That this was a scoop really surprised me because I got the news from a FilmOn.com press release. Let that be a lesson to you about how much those press release services are worth.

Second, word of that scoop reached the broadcast industry news leader Broadcasting & Cable, which ran a story mentioning this blog in its second sentence. (Too bad the link tag got messed up somehow.)

And just when I was already happy about that recognition, I turned to one of my favorite blogs, Mark Evanier’s News From Me, and found myself at the top of another post. Evanier writes about all sorts of fun topics, including comics, animation, and writing in general. Only once in a while, he writes about his TV provider, DirecTV. After Evanier publicly wondered why DirecTV doesn’t carry C-SPAN 3 (long story), I sent him an email describing the Public Interest channel requirement and why it leads satellite TV providers to carry single channels from more, uh, lesser-known non-profit channels than a third channel from C-SPAN. And he published the email almost verbatim. I hadn’t polished it for publication, so using it like that was a great compliment. Thanks.

Ultimately, I’d love to make this blog more like News From Me, except with an emphasis on free-to-air TV. I’ll never be as prolific, and rarely as amusing, but I’ll try to post more often, even if the posts are shorter and without a big story. Like this one.

What would you like to read about? Leave a comment and let me know.