FTAList 2.0 is here!

Man pointing dish

We kept the same front-page logo

After much too much time finding problems and overcoming them, I’ve got FTAList.com version 2.0 available for public viewing. Just click this link to go directly there. Anyone using old .htm links will still see the old site, but you know better now, so you can see the new stuff.

The new site has a glossary (thanks for the suggestion), a troubleshooting section, and a fresher, cleaner look. The channel lists are now served dynamically, which means no more waiting for daily page updates.

The time spent getting everything updated has come at the expense of the channel updates (if that makes any sense), so the next few days will be spent getting that back under control. For example, ION (ion? Ion?) is apparently scrambled now.

Please go take a look and report any problems. The only one I’ve noticed so far is a problem with the borders of Deal of the Day in the front page using Internet Explorer 7. (Gotta fix that!) There are bound to be more, so either leave comments about them or use the Contact page (just fixed that one) to drop me a line.