What should FTAList 2.0 look like?

Crossroads abstract imageThe relaunch of FTAList is really close now. The completely redesigned database is working well, and the new basic page layout is ready. I had hoped for a Feb. 1 relaunch, but now it looks like it might slip a few days past that. It’s just as well, because it would be great to get more input about what features and directions it should go.

First, a few background notes. Although the new database is set up to include them, there won’t be any C-band listings … yet. There will be a Troubleshooting page to address the most common problems that FTA viewers run into. Each channel list page will include a notes section, where you can read about recently lost channels, for example.

But here are some questions that you can help answer:

  • Should we recognize channel updaters? Some folks are nice enough to pass along reports of channels that they’ve found. Should they be recognized on the channel list the way that LyngSat does it?
  • In what ways should the lists be sortable? By name, of course. By language (for satellite pages). By satellite (for language pages). Probably by transponder (on satellite pages only). Maybe a selectable include / don’t include circular-polarity channels button? What else?
  • What to do with the Movies & Sports page? Back in the glory days of a couple dozen OTA channels on FTA, it made a lot of sense to use the Movies & Sports page to round up the sports and movies that they’d have available. With those channels gone, do you still want to see this roundup? If so, which channels should be included?
  • Should we have a forum? There are any number of fine online forums where you can discuss satellite TV. Do we want one more just because it would be the official FTAList forum?
  • What else? No single person ever has as many good ideas as the group has together. What other ideas do you have to improve FTAList? Leave a comment and let us know what you think.